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About AG-Grid Energy

Ag-Grid Energy has a vision to convert agricultural and organic waste into renewable energy, compost and support local area practices that lead us towards a sustainable environment. We intend to finance, build, own (jointly), operate the waste to energy conversion facilities in US.

Manage design, permitting and build of the anaerobic digester

Food Supply

Sell Generated

Finance the

Rashi Akki, Founder and CEO

Rashi Akki launched Ag-Grid Energy in 2016 with a vision to drive dairy farm sustainability by converting agricultural and organic waste to renewable energy, enhance farm management practices thereby improving farm viability and financial stability. Prior to launching Ag-Grid Energy LLC, Dr. Akki worked for 20 years at the chemical company DuPont. Dr. Akki held senior positions in central R&D, DuPont Titanium Technologies, Nonwovens and Industrial Biosciences. The experience at Industrial Biosciences introduced Dr. Akki to advanced biofuels and biogas. Currently Dr. Akki is a member of American Biogas Council and MABEC (Mid-Atlantic Biomass Energy Council). Dr. Akki received her B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Osmania University, M.S from University of Connecticut and Ph.D. from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Akshay Waghray, Business Development Manager

Akshay Waghray joined Ag-Grid Energy as a New Business Development Manager after a 24 year career in Chemical and Materials Technology at Honeywell Aerospace focused on evaluating, improving, and developing products and processes relating to use of natural gas working closely with internal and external customer needs resulting in multi-million dollar savings and new growth. Dr. Waghray received his bachelor’s in chemical engineering from Osmania University, master’s from Tulane and Ph.D. from University of Pittsburgh.

Contact Info: (574) 400-5708 akshay.waghray@aggidenergy.com

Daniel Woodger, Operations Manager

Daniel Woodger joined Ag-Grid Energy as Northeast Operations Manager in 2020 to support Ag-Grid Energy's growing portfolio. Since 2017, Mr. Woodger has managed the construction and start-up of Rockwood Ag-Grid anaerobic digester. Mr. Woodger is also the operations manager for Rockwood Ag-Grid Organics depackager unit installed for processing food waste to support the Rockwood Ag-Grid digester. He has 20 years of experience in managing various entrepreneurial businesses that utilize heavy duty mechanical engines and machines. He has extensive business management, people management and equipment management experiences. Mr. Woodger received his Technical degree in CAD from TCI.

Tapan Mallik, Supply Chain & Operations

Dr. Mallik has extensive hands-on supply chain management, consulting and international experience in improving bottom line and operational performance. He has 18 years of experience with DuPont and 9 years at Arkieva, Inc.

His significant experience in supply chain would allow us to de-risk the food waste supply contracts for the term of investment. Dr. Mallik’s did his Ph.D. in Management Science and Information Systems from University of Texas at Austin.

Martin Odom, Technology Consultant

Dr. Odom has 29 years of industrial experience in DuPont’s Central Research Biochemical Science and Engineering Division. Dr. Odom’s experience includes development of new technologies for oil and gas production, biomass conversion to methane, liquid fuels, via both solar and dark fermentative processes.

The last 2 years at DuPont, Dr. Odom consulted on anaerobic digestion of cellulosic wastes from cellulosic bioethanol process. Dr. Odom holds PhD degree from University of Georgia Dept. of Biochemistry. Prior to joining Dupont in 1985 Dr. Odom did postdoctoral work in 1. study basic reactions in anaerobic digestion using grant from Gas Research Institute, and 2. biomass conversion to hydrogen at Solar Energy Research Institute.


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