Belden Ag-Grid Digester

Belden Farm (Luther Belden, Inc.) is owned by Darryl, Lucinda and Jackson Williams. They are 12th- and 13th-generation family members, with this same family farming on the land since 1661. Darryl and Jackson (father and son) are primarily responsible for daily operations on the farm and all owners are strongly committed to sustainability practices in general, and this renewable energy venture, specifically.
Belden Farm is presently milking about 150 cows in a standard milking parlor, and is in the process of building a new barn with a VMS (voluntary milking system) operation. This will increase the efficiency and sustainability of the dairy. They also raise another 150 cows, including replacement animals in all stages and a small beef herd. The farm currently employs 2 full-time and 4 part-time people. They ship 10,000 pounds of milk each day to their dairy cooperative. In addition to the milking operation, they grow 180 acres of corn and 100 acres of hay and alfalfa.
These crops are used to feed their animals and are sometimes sold to other farmers in need. The farm currently has about one million gallons of manure storage.
Luther Belden, Inc has partnered with Ag Grid LLC to form a Special Purpose Company, Belden-Ag Grid LLC, for ownership of and investment in the digester system installation.

About Belden Ag-Grid Anaerobic Digester

Belden Ag-Grid LLC (BAG) is a partnership between Ag-Grid Energy LLC (AGE) of Kennett Square, Pennsylvania and Belden Farms of Hatfield, Massachusetts. We are setting up an anaerobic digester (AD) to recycle farm and food waste and to generate 300 kW of clean and renewable energy.
Recycle 10 tons of manure generated per day by the 350 cows and heifers on the farm
Recycle ~16,000 tons of food waste per year
Generate 2.3 Million kWhour of electricity per year
Reduce Millions of tons of CO2 emissions.

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