Farmer FAQ

Below are brief answers to the questions we are most often asked by farmers. If you have other questions or want more detailed answers, please contact us.

What types of dairy farms do you work with?

We work with family-owned farms. Farm size varies from fewer than 400 milking cows to 4,000.

Must the dairy farm be located near food waste producers?

Yes. In addition to cow manure, project success requires a consistent supply of food waste within a 50-mile radius of the farm.

Must the dairy farm be in a certain state?

We prefer farms located in states that ban disposal of food waste in landfills. However, we make exceptions when other factors make the project viable.

How much land does a project require?

Typically the farm provides a 10-acre parcel as well as ingress and egress for trucks.

How long does it take to build the project?

A typical timeline is 2 years.

When does the project start making money?

Revenue generation starts when the digester is connected to a distribution network for sale of electricity or RNG.

When does the Farm Partner begin receiving revenue?

Ag-Grid and the Farm Partner begin sharing the profits as soon as the revenues are generated. But the Farm Partner has reduced costs as soon as the digester is operational, receiving free electricity, fertilizer and animal bedding.