Construction of two anaerobic digesters is progressing at Lent Hill Dairy in Cohocton, NY. The digester project is a partnership between farm owner Paul Wolcott and Ag-Grid Energy.

This is Ag-Grid Energy’s first project in New York. Four completed dairy digester projects are operational in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Projects are in development in Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Lent Hill has 4,000 cows. The digesters will recycle cow manure along with food waste collected from the local area to generate 13 million kW hours of clean, renewable energy per year.

The two 120-ft diameter digesters are being built by Ag-Grid’s long-time EPC partner, Martin Construction Resource.

Lent Hill Ag-Grid, the special-purpose company formed to own and operate the digester and combined heat and power (CHP) system, will sell renewable electricity to local businesses. The project also will provide local food producers with a trusted disposal site for recycling waste.

Wolcott is a graduate of Cornell University who has promoted best farming practices and renewable energy. Prior to starting the digester project, Wolcott had 13 windmills installed on his property to generate clean electricity.

Learn more about this project at aggridenergy.com/project/lent-hill-dairy-farm.