Producer FAQ

Below are brief answers to the questions we are most often asked by food waste producers. If you have other questions or want more detailed answers, please contact us.

What types of producers do you work with?

Typically, we work with food manufacturing and processing plants, supermarkets and large restaurants.

Must the producer be located near a dairy farm?

Yes. We reach out to food waste producers located in a 50-mile radius of the dairy farms with which we are pursuing partnerships.

Must the producer be in a certain state?

We prefer to work in states that ban disposal of food waste in landfills. However, we make exceptions when other factors make the project viable.

Do you accept packaged food waste?

We do, but only at the Farm Partner sites where we have added a depackager.

Do you charge a fee to collect food waste?

We do, but we charge less than the producer was paying to have waste transported to a landfill.

What hours can a producer have food waste dropped off at a Farm Partner site?

The farms are open for food waste deliveries 24/7.