Miranda Dairy

Humboldt Ag-Grid is Ag-Grid Energy’s first dairy digester project in California and the second community digester in Ag-Grid’s portfolio. This site in Humboldt County will co-digest manure from dairy cows owned by Miranda Dairy, where the digester will be located, and two other dairies that belong to the same co-op. The digester project will enable the co-op to market its milk as a carbon neutral product.

Date Operational (projected)

August 2025

Project Partnership

Ag-Grid Energy has formed the special-purpose company Humboldt Ag-Grid LLC (HAG) to own and operate an anaerobic digester and combined heat and power (CHP) system.

Farm Team

Miranda Dairy is owned and operated by Tim and Dorice Miranda. With dairy operations in California and Texas, the Miranda family has expertise operating dairies in different climates. In addition to Tim and Dorice, their nephew Andy Titus will be a critical team member to the success of the digester.

Project Description

  • FOOD WASTE – The digester will recycle 15,000 tons of food waste per year.
  • MANURE – The digester will recycle cow manure.
  • ENERGY – The digester’s 2 MW engine will generate 16 million kW hours of electricity per year.


About the Farm

The three dairy farms combined have 3,000 cows. Miranda Dairy, which has 1,000 cows, was the first dairy farm in the Ferndale, CA area to convert from conventional to organic back in 2000.

Impact on the Community and the Environment

Renewable electricity will be sold to local businesses to help offset electricity prices and meet renewable energy goals. The project will be able to recycle nearly all of the organic food waste in Humboldt County, helping the county meet food waste diversion goals put in place by California’s SB 1383.

The renewable electricity from this project will help support nearly 2,500 electric vehicles on the road and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from those vehicles.