Ag-Grid Energy has announced the promotion of two staff members to fill the big shoes left behind by the departure of Ken Verhelle, Director, Food Waste Strategy & Operations. Ken has been with Ag-Grid for two years and his last day was May 24.

Sherry Cotton has been promoted to Director, Food Waste Strategy from Manager, Food Waste Logistics. Sherry replaces Ken and will manage Ag-Grid customer relationships with food waste suppliers and farmers.  

Ryan Sands has been promoted to Director, Project Management & Operations from Director, Project Management. In his expanded role, Ryan will support the operating facilities in matters related to permits and maintenance.

Additionally, Ag-Grid is hiring a new team member as Manager, Food Waste Strategy & Operations. In this role, the new person will take over Sherry’s former responsibilities for food waste logistics and accounting.

Umesh Akki, COO of Ag-Grid Energy, is assuming overall responsibility for the Operations team, in addition to cultivating the growth strategy for Ag-Grid.

In a farewell tribute to Ken, Rashi Akki, CEO of Ag-Grid Energy thanked him for being “a steady hand at the helm who was instrumental in creating a good operating structure for our farm digesters.”

“Ken provided significant start-up and ramp-up support as we added two operating sites in the past two years,” Rashi added. “He also significantly increased the number of food waste providers to our facilities.”

“We are sad to see him go, but we also know he remains a friend of Ag-Grid no matter where he goes.”


Ag-Grid Energy LLC is a Pennsylvania-based company producing renewable energy in partnership with family-owned dairy farms. Installing and operating anaerobic digesters on farm property, the partners generate electricity or renewable natural gas from cow manure and various types of food waste. Ag-Grid’s proven processes are sustainable and carbon negative. For additional information, go to aggridenergy.com or email contact@aggridenergy.com.