Dairy Farms: Reduce Costs, Increase Revenue

Increasing concern about the negative environmental impact of dairy farms led the federal Environmental Protection Agency to create strict regulations on management of water runoff and release of greenhouse gases, among others. The regulations put tremendous pressure on farmers to change their practices, often at great expense.

When Ag-Grid Energy reaches an agreement with a farm family to construct an anaerobic digester on their property, the new Farm Partner is on its way to having a positive environmental impact. On top of that, the farm’s costs are permanently reduced, and the owners can look forward to a new source of revenue when the digester begins selling renewable energy.

Among the many reasons farmers partner with Ag-Grid Energy:

  • enhanced manure management that reduces or eliminates odor and reduces or eliminates release of greenhouse gases
  • electricity provided to the farm
  • liquid digestate byproduct provided via food waste for use as organic fertilizer
  • solid digestate byproduct provided for use as animal bedding, if desired