Lent Hill Dairy Farm

Lent Hill Ag-Grid is Ag-Grid’s first dairy digester project in the State of New York. Lent Hill Dairy Farm is an environmentally conscious and technology-forward operation. It has been honored for taking proactive steps to cut water pollution and use green farming techniques. A monitor on each cow reports how much milk it produces and if it is getting sick.

Date Operational (projected)

December 2023

Project Partnership

Ag-Grid Energy partnered with Lent Hill Dairy Farm to form the special-purpose company Lent Hill Ag-Grid LLC (LHAG), which owns and will operate the anaerobic digester and combined heat and power (CHP) system.

Farm Team

The farm is owned and operated by Paul Wolcott. A graduate of Cornell University, Paul has promoted best farming practices and renewable energy while installing 13 windmills and an anaerobic digester.

Project Description

  • FOOD WASTE – The digester recycles 35,000 gallons of food waste per day.
  • MANURE – The digester recycles cow manure.
  • ENERGY – The digester’s 1 MW engine will generate 8 million kW hours per year of clean, renewable energy.


About the Farm

The farm has 4,000 cows. In addition to generating electricity from the digester, the farm also generates electricity and income from 13 windmills located on the property.

Impact on the Community and the Environment

Lent Hill Ag-Grid will sell renewable electricity to local businesses to help offset electricity prices and meet renewable energy goals. The project also will provide local food producers with a trusted disposal site for recycling waste.

The renewable electricity from this project will help support nearly 1,000 electric vehicles on the road and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from those vehicles.